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Clamping devices and accessories

Product Highlights

100% fitting accuracy

  • iXshop offers a wide ranges of clamping devices and accessories that can be tailored precisely to your machine.

Accessories for clamping devices

  • Hainbuch clamping heads allow short setup times for the clamping device,  with the right tools.​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​​This option is available for every clamping device in the part menu.
  • Operating material, such as lubricating grease, specifically for your clamping device can also be requested and ordered here.

Repair vulcanization of clamping heads

  • Repair vulcanization provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing a clamping head with porous or damaged filler material.
  • ​​​​INDEX is pleased to offer this service for your clamping heads.

Grinding of clamping heads

  • We can grind standard clamping heads to adapt them to the individual clamping diameter of your raw material or workpiece.
  • Through this option, we are able to offer virtually any clamping diameter.

Jaw turning rings for jaw chuck

  • Improve the clamping of your workpieces by precise turning of the jaws with our jaw turning rings.
  • For more information, please download our brochure below.