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Optimal product search

Don’t search, just find!

Saved product lists

  • Use the saved product lists function to save parts you need often
  • Place your products in the saved product list
  • All products you’ve saved can be found in your account
To my saved product list >

Search using manufacturer part ID

  • The nameplate of the part you need contains only the manufacturer part ID?
  • No problem – for many manufacturers, you can find the INDEX products using the manufacturer item ID and purchase them directly in the iXshop
For the following manufacturers, for example
  • Siemens
  • Balluff
  • Hainbuch
 you can search using manufacturer part IDs.

>> We’re constantly working to improve this service.  

Search using facets

  • Browse our catalogs and find the right product for you with the help of clearly designed facets

Search using material number

  • Know the INDEX material number?
  • Great – then use the iXshop search box!
  • There, you can search for and find products using old and new material numbers

Search using free text

  • If you don't have a number to hand, you can easily find the product you need using a free text search