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Our services

  • Visualize machine utilization and availability

  • Add machine condition information to productive times and downtimes

  • Active notification by push message in the event of critical machine states

StatusApps in detail


Transparency on the shop floor for efficient production

  • Display current machine status
  • Usage and productivity evaluations for a user-defined period 
  • Display of completed production jobs in a user-defined period
  • Recording and processing of ODA signals (e.g. measure workpiece, setup)
  • Analysis of alarms during downtimes


Key performance data from all machines at a glance

  • Display current operating states of all machines 
  • Usage analysis of machines over the current day 
  • Continuous, targeted provision of information 


Your machine will notify you of any events and nonconformities

  • Manage notification rules for PUSH messages
  • Set sending frequency of PUSH messages per app 
  • Configure recipient group individually per rule


Smartphone app for mobile iX4.0 access

  • Mobile notifications in case of production interruptions and critical errors
  • Check Machine operating status on the smartphone anytime
  • Add machines via QR code - no login required