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Tradition paired with innovation

  • HAINBUCH's mission is to simplify and revolutionize workholding processes worldwide.
  • With a high level of innovation, over 150 patents and numerous awards, HAINBUCH is a pioneer and trendsetter for modern clamping solutions.
  • Problem solver for particularly tricky clamping tasks.
  • global service provider through HAINBUCH subsidiaries and agencies.

More than the inventor of the expansion chuck

Typically Swabian?

Is HAINBUCH! And yet not at all.

Because anyone who thinks they're dealing with a dusty family business from the provinces is mistaken.

Okay, you started out in a garage over 65 years ago, but so did Apple. And what has come out of it?

A success story! That's the way it is with visions - they have to be lived. No wonder that HAINBUCH's first invention caused a sensation right away: The clamping head was the revolution. And the competition has not been sparing with copies over the past three decades. But none was equal to the original.

Makers, thinkers and developers
Why is that?

Because, as a Swabian, HAINBUCH has tinkering and innovation in its genes, you always want to be the first in everything and it simply goes against your honor to "copy" from others.

This was and is probably the reason why you are so visionary and passionate about what you do - regardless of whether it's about products or services.

At home in every industry
HAINBUCH's demands are high, and so are its goals - and for HAINBUCH, only the best is good enough. That's why you are at home in a wide variety of industries - from automotive and mechanical engineering to aerospace and medical technology - and see yourself not as a product supplier, but as a system supplier.

Their quality standard: There is THE expansion chuck - and everything else!