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Presetting and mounting units

TOOLFIX mounting aid

  • Tool holders can be mounted easily and securely with our TOOLFIX mounting aid.
  • Numerous tool adapters make the base body a universal tool for safe and damage-free mounting of tools in the tool holder. 

Presetting block for tool holders

  • With the versatile presetting block, you can set and measure your tools outside the machine.
  • Presetting merely requires a standard height gauge.
  • A variety of adapters allows mounting of different tool holder interfaces – from VDI shank up to the HSK mounting.

Presetting adapter for MS16 tool holder

  • INDEX offers presetting adapters for your presetting unit specifically for the INDEX MS16's combined back-boring and grooving tools.
  • Reduce setup times by accurately aligning and measuring the tool holders outside the machine.

Presetting adapters

  • INDEX presetting adapters allow you to measure tools accurately on your tool presetting unit.